Where are the teas from?

We take pride in carefully sourcing the highest quality herbs and adaptogens from diverse regions across India. These premium botanicals are meticulously crafted into our exquisite range of teas, blending rich flavours with holistic wellness benefits.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Our ingredients are sourced from all over India, from various places such as Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Assam, Darjeeling, Siliguri and Nilgiri.

Are the teas organic?

Yes! Our commitment to quality extends to the organic nature of our teas. We source organic herbs and botanicals, ensuring that our teas are cultivated without synthetic pesticides or harmful chemicals. This approach aligns with our dedication to offering you a pure and wholesome tea experience that supports your well-being.

Are the flavours natural?

Sumaya Teas are made with 100% natural ingredients. We are proud to uphold a commitment against artificial flavours, fragrances, and preservatives. This dedication guarantees that each sip is an authentic experience, reflecting the true essence of the herbs and botanicals we carefully blend, ensuring your well-being is at the forefront of our creations.

Are the teas vegan and low-calorie?

All our teas are vegan, low in calories, flavorful, and healthy.

How long should I brew my teas?

Tea should be brewed for 5-6 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. By this time it will lose some heat and would be approximately 80-90 degrees, which is the required water temperature for herbal teas. Herbal teas are best consumed six minutes after it has been brewed.

How much quantity of tea leaves should I put in one cup of tea?

We recommend using 2 teaspoon, i.e. 2g per cup of tea.

What is the best time to have the teas?

You can consume most of our wellness teas anytime during the day. However, we do not recommend taking them empty stomach. You can consume Bedtime Tea 30- 45 minutes before bed for full effects to take place. Energy & Focus Tea can be consumed in the morning with/after breakfast.

How many cups of tea can I take in each day? Can I drink different teas throughout the day?

The functional herbs and adaptogens we use are safe to consume long-term. Feel free to use our various wellness teas throughout the day for their benefits. We recommend that you take a combined three to four cups of our wellness teas a day. Our wellness teas are one part of a balanced wellness routine. Don’t forget to continue to address the other aspects of your well-being like sleep, movement, and mental health! True well-being takes time. Be gentle with yourself, go slow, always listen to your body, and support your foundation from many angles like healthy eating, better-for-you habits, exercise, and supporting your mental health in ways that feel best for you. We also strongly encourage you to work with a qualified healthcare professional whenever making changes to your diet, especially if you’re someone with specific health-related needs or concerns.

Can I take these products while pregnant or nursing?

Although our products are 100% natural with no added sugar and preservatives, it is still advisable to seek advice from your healthcare provider before incorporating our teas into your routine if you're expecting or breastfeeding. When pregnant or nursing, it's crucial to exercise care and heed your body's signals while consuming potent natural herbs, including Sumaya wellness teas. 

What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of our teas is 18 months. All of our products will have a specific date of manufacturing on the packaging for your reference as well.

Do you offer samples?

Yes! We send some samples of our teas with each order. 

How do I track my order?

All tracking information is sent via email when your package has shipped. If you are unable to find this email, please contact us at admin@sumayalife.com, and we are happy to send your tracking over! 

How do I cancel an order?

If you need to cancel an order, please reach out to our Consumer Support Team right away at admin@sumayalife.com. You may cancel your order before it is shipped out from our warehouse. *Please note that if you cancel your order after it has been dispatched, our delivery partner may still attempt to deliver your order. In this case, please do not accept the delivery. 

What is the minimum order for free shipping?

We offer free shipping within India for orders valued above Rs. 1000.

Do you collaborate with influencers? 

Yes! We absolutely value the power of partnerships and collaborations. If you're an influencer who resonates with our mission of well-being and natural healing, reach out to us through our contact form or email at sanjana@sumayalife.com. Together, we can create a meaningful and impactful partnership that introduces our herbal teas to a wider audience while promoting the benefits of natural healing and wellness.